About us


Lux Reality gives shape to ideas and transforms them into splendid opportunities through the targeted use of state-of-the-art technology. We design and implement innovative solutions to make your business an experience.

We create the best immersive reality to make all your activities more efficient and to disseminate, through previously unexplored channels, both national and international artistic and cultural heritage.

The growth of your business today cannot be achieved without combining your skills with the possibilities that technology offers.
Virtual reality, hybrid reality and augmented reality are the ideal means to reach an unlimited but often geographically distant audience and bring them closer to your world.

Your website and social media pages provide you with a presence on the market, but they do not bear concrete and tangible witness to your value, which, until now, you have had to decline and adapt to the typical and standardised formats of the web in order to share them with the public.

Virtual, hybrid and augmented reality, on the other hand, generate an interactive connection that allows the user an immersive, engaging, in-depth and rewarding learning experience.

About Us

Our Approach

Physical space is limiting. Your range of action is limited and your value remains chained to impassable territorial constraints. Overcoming these limits is now possible: it allows you to demonstrate and share your value wherever you want in the world, right now.
Your audience, wherever they are and whenever you want them to be, can have direct and immediate access to all the activities you intend to involve them in, for the first time through interactive participation.

Virtual, augmented and hybrid reality

offer you a universe of new possibilities.

Lux Reality fills the gap when distances seem unbridgeable:

works alongside you to give what you love the visibility it deserves. Our approach is based on three steps.


We start with an idea and explore its feasibility with you; we propose solutions that meet your business needs and plan the best strategy to overcome all your challenges.

Project Management

From the idea, the project comes to life: each phase will be carefully supervised to ensure that it is always in line with the budgeted quality standards and deadlines.


This is when the idea becomes reality: we develop innovative software to recreate 3D environments to be integrated with technologies supporting virtual, mixed and augmented reality.

Our Services


is a completely computer-generated environment: users are literally immersed 360° in a new dimension, created according to your specific business needs.


In hybrid reality, the physical world merges with the digital world: it is an additional dimension, a new, enhanced and modelled three-dimensional environment.