Online Museums

Museums open to the world, always and forever

Lux Reality revolutionizes access to culture with its online museum services, leveraging virtual reality technologies to offer immersive experiences that transcend physical boundaries. Our initiative aims to make art and cultural heritage accessible to a global audience, allowing users to explore exhibition spaces from every corner of the planet. With projects that digitize environments in full-immersion and a dedicated app rich in interactive content, Lux Reality opens the doors to a new way of experiencing culture, customizable and accessible to everyone.

We want to redefine the cultural experience with innovative online museum services, utilizing advanced virtual reality technologies. This unique project allows users to explore exhibition spaces in an immersive way, making art and cultural heritage globally accessible. We offer complete digitizations of cultural environments in full-immersion and an interactive app for a personalized experience. Users can fully immerse themselves in detailed virtual environments, enriched with informative audio-visual content, thus transforming interaction with cultural heritage into an unprecedented adventure.

– Complete Digitization: Creation of a live immersive experience that digitizes cultural environments in full-immersion, making them accessible from any part of the world.

– Interactive Application: An app that offers not only complete 3D visualization but also detailed audio-visual information on points of interest such as artworks and sculptures.

– Experience Personalization: Users can choose the room to explore, immersive content to view, and the distribution language, making each experience personalized and unique.

– Free for Educational Use: Our company, through its Inside Italy project, insists that culture is free for education, that any educational institution in the world can let its students walk inside our museums, in our churches and historic residences, in a virtual way, through viewers VR. .
We think that the spread of culture throughout the world is the basis for peace. This is why our contents are free for all schools in the world that equip themselves with VR viewers.

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