Hybrid Reality

Hybrid Reality

In the hybrid reality, the physical world merges with the digital world: it is an additional dimension, a new three-dimensional environment enhanced and shaped according to your specific business needs, where you can use sensors and special devices to interact with virtual objects.

Objects can be reproduced in the form of holographic representations and it is possible to interact with them directly via real tools that will affect the digital dimension.

Action that takes place in the virtual dimension allows distant worlds, which are geographically distant, to be brought closer together.
For example, you can showcase products and explain the function of a machine to new customers around the world; you can also recreate digital prototypes that you can work on again and again.

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It is an extension of reality: it combines virtual elements – in the form of images, texts and animations – with the physical context.


is a completely computer-generated environment: users are literally immersed 360° in a new dimension, created according to your specific business needs


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With hybrid reality the value of your business is no longer tied to the physical world, you can share it wherever and with whomever you want, whenever you want: find out more, contact us for a consultation.
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